The Little Cat A1 seviyesinde basit bir İngilizce hikaye

Once upon a time, there was a little cat named Mimi. Mimi was very small and very cute. She lived in a big house with her owner, Anna.

Every morning, Anna gave Mimi some milk. Mimi loved milk. She drank it all very quickly. Then, she played with her toys. Her favorite toy was a small red ball. She kicked the ball and chased it around the house.

One sunny day, Anna took Mimi to the park. Mimi was very happy. She saw many birds and tried to catch them, but the birds flew away. Mimi also saw a big dog. The dog barked, and Mimi ran back to Anna. Anna picked up Mimi and hugged her.

In the evening, they went back home. Anna gave Mimi more milk and some fish. After dinner, Mimi was very tired. She climbed into her little bed and fell asleep.

Mimi dreamed of chasing birds and playing with her red ball. She was a very happy little cat.

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